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‘I don't mind if people think I'm a girl’: The male make-up addicts who contour their cheekbones, love fake tan and REFUSE to go out in public without a full face of cosmetics

  • Austen, 21, from Scotland, layers on fake tan to achieve his orange glow
  • Uses a tooth whitening powder twice a day to maintain glittering smile
  • The Scottish beauty addict is hoping to achieve fame on YouTube
  • He stars in Channel 4's Extreme Makeovers: On Fleek which airs this week

A self-confessed male make-up junkie whitens his teeth twice a day, goes to work with a full face of cosmetics and has tanning injections to ensure he always has an orange glow. 

Care home worker Austen, 21, from Carnoustie in Scotland opens up about his beauty routine in Channel 4's new show Extreme Makeovers: On Fleek alongside several other male make-up addicts. 

And he admits that while people regularly mistake him for a girl, he has no problem with it.

Austen's daily routine involves applying of layers of foundation, bronzer and highlighter and he refuses to go anywhere without make-up, including to his job in a care home.

‘I’m definitely the only boy in town that looks like me,' he says. 'I don’t think there’s any other boys in my town that even wear make up.

‘I work in a care home, I’m a senior care assistant on nights. I love doing the job because you just look at them like they are your gran and granddad. 

Most of them think I am a girl so they’ll say "Thanks lass" or "There’s that woman that was in here earlier".

And I’m like "no I’m a boy". But I just go with it, I don’t mind.'

Austen uses a mysterious green whitening powder on his teeth twice a day to keep them a Rylan Clark-Neal shade of vivid white.

'My teeth are my life. I love my teeth. If you have bright teeth people notice you. If I make it famous or make it big I will definitely book myself in to get my teeth done,' he explains. 

'I use this little tub of green powder twice a day, and you’re only supposed to use it twice a week. It’s probably causing a bit of damage but it’s worth it because I like the way they are.

‘Make up is very important to me, I never go without it. Not even to the bin. I use rub in and spray [tan]. I’ve also done tanning injections, I also use sunbeds. Just anything.’

Austen is not alone in his quest to look exceptional. Anders, 25, from Manchester, also fancies himself as a beauty expert. 

‘I feel like anyone you ask who knows me will say I am vain but I don’t think I am vain. I don’t even know what it means, does it mean you are obsessed with yourself? I don’t think I’m obsessed with myself,' he says. 

He continues: ‘I would like to maintain how I look now. That sounds really vain, but I don’t want to look any older, I’d like to look like this for the rest of my life really.' 

For Anders his every day ritual means getting rid of his five o'clock shadow for a baby-smooth finish, a perfect base for his glamorous contoured look.

‘It’s about creating shadows and showing off light, and it changes the shape of your face. Normally I look like a meatball but when I’ve done my make up I can look like a chiselled god from Greece maybe.

‘It’s like you’re baking a cake, you’re baking that highlight. I think I look pretty damn fierce.'

Anders isn't worried about how he is received and says to the others: ‘I get a lot of positive reaction, and like "Oh my god you don’t look real". 

'I feel so fierce I can take on anything. Like anyone can say anything to me and I’m just like "no".'



Jason, 29, from Bury, is no stranger to a metamorphosis, he even has his own alter ego which he has named Jsky. 

The passionate musician says of his day-to-day life: 'Jason wears a suit. I work in an office, I’ve got a full-time job and a mortgage. When I’m regular Jason, I tell you what I just feel boring. 

When the weekend comes I can peel off this layer and reveal myself to the world. The great thing when people see me fully made up, they don’t know what they’re looking at. All I know is that they are looking and that’s what’s most important.' 

Jsky - who paints his neck with black face paint to create a more angular appearance - doesn't want anyone to label his sexuality either.

He says: ‘At the end of the process you want to fancy the person that you see in the mirror.

‘Jsky, is he straight, is he gay? Does it even matter? The question you want to be asking is "Do you fancy me?".'

Extreme Makeovers: On Fleek, 10pm on Tuesday 8 November on Channel 4

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