Genealogy Roadshow USA


The show, has genealogy experts Kenyatta D. Berry, D. Joshua Taylor and Mary Tedesco explore guests' family history mysteries and legends.
It's shot in talk show format: We see an introduction to the guest, then the guest sits down with the expert and the expert reveals the truth behind the family story. A live audience (composed of both family history enthusiasts and hired extras) looks on.




Below are some articles from the world press on Big Mountain Productions' hit TV format, 'The Genealogy Roadshow' going American.
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You can see photos from each filming event, which also included a family history fair with vendors on the shows American website. Guests were cast earlier this year, after a call for genealogists to submit their family mysteries. 

Taylor reveals the research strategies experts used to unravel family mysteries during season one in our on-demand webinar, 11 Essential Research Tricks from Genealogy RoadshowIt's available in