TRAFFIC BLUES series 1 & 2

A new 6 part obdoc series and a TV first for primetime RTE 1 with first time access to the operational side of An Garda Siochana’s National Traffic Division.


Are You Related to an American President?

If you live in Northern Ireland there is every chance you could be related to the men who shaped one of the world’s leading superpowers. This fresh new genealogical documentary takes as its starting point icons of our age and finds the ordinary people who are related to them.


Victoria & Shane Grow Their Own

Forget the Summer of Love, 2009 was the Summer of Grow Your Own – where most of us got growing vegetables in our own backyards and even Ireland’s Rock Royalty got in on the act.

High Society

A two part drama documentary series on middle class cocaine use for primetime RTE

Graham Catney

Set against an emerging new Belfast, a former customs and excise interrogator tells how art saved his life.