Who knows Ireland best

We asked Ireland 100 probing questions about everything from their manners and morals to their beliefs and behaviours. Who Knows Ireland Best? will explore our opinions and experiences as a country in a fun and entertaining way. 


The Tenements

A  four part documentary for TV3 exploring the grossly overcrowded tenement houses in Dublin which were some of the worst slums Europe has ever seen.


C'mon Caman

C'mon Camán! A brand new ten part hurling skills series, which features twenty four 6th Class students from all over the country. These students will make up 6 teams which will each be mentored by a hurling hero on the skills of the game. Individually the players will be assessed using fun games to establish who has improved most. They will then take part in a tournament to see which team has learned the most – but who will be the champions?


A live entertainment show in which teenagers are mentored by leading musicians.